Ch Rijstone Rising Sun

Sire: Amashutu Wild Geese
Dam: Ch Rijstone Buyani
Whelped: 19th March 1999

Sonnie at nearly 8 years of age

Achievements: Sonnie is where Kinshasa started, she was our foundation bitch who every one who carries the Kinshasa prefix goes back to. Sonnie titled with ease winning many in group awards along the way. She was a great hunter, a resolute watchdog, a loving companion and a wonderful mother. She had 3 litters producing Multi BIS Grand Ch Kinshasa Special K from her second litter and Ch Kinshasa Velvet Revolver from her last litter. She lived till over 11 years old before cancer took her way from us. I used to call Sonnie a Fruit Loop for all the clowning things she would do and that is where her second litter got their names from, all breakfast cereals. She still lives on in our hearts and her children and grandchildren have so many of her traits



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Amashutu Wild Geese




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